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Greg with his magazines

Welcome to the home of World of Crosswords, Crossword Magic, All Giant Crosswords, All Large Crosswords and All Quick Crosswords!

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we specialise in the creation of crossword puzzles. Our aim is to provide high-quality crosswords at the best possible value.

WORLD of CROSSWORDS is our original quarterly magazine packed with original crosswords and a variety of other different puzzles. With 86 pages of content, Issue No. 63, Autumn 2015, is currently on sale at leading newsagents throughout Australia.  Issue No. 64 will go on sale on 21st May 2015.

CROSSWORD MAGIC is our second quarterly magazine packed with nothing but crosswords. With 86 pages of content, Issue No. 39, February to April 2015, is currently on sale at leading newsagents throughout Australia.  Issue No. 40 will go on sale in mid-May.

The quarterly magazines, ALL GIANT CROSSWORDS, ALL LARGE CROSSWORDS and ALL QUICK CROSSWORDS are all available by subscription.

For more details of the above items, and for information on how to acquire back issues, please go to our Magazines page.  All of the above are available online at The Crossword Shop or by regular mail order at our Subscriptions page.

Greg Parker, Compiler and Publisher

Readers' Comments

Your crossword books are still the best!!
Betty Giles - Palmyra, WA

This is the first time I've ever bought your book but I'm really hooked for sure. The variety is really making me use my old grey matter.
Margaret Palmer - Deagon, Qld

Still love your World of Crosswords. Keep up the good work. Well done.
Patricia Miles - Cottesloe, WA

Many thanks for hours of enjoyment.
Jeanne Robertson - Hampton, Vic

Thank you Greg for your wonderful book of crosswords. I get so much enjoyment from your magazine, I could never look at another! Thank you.
Teresa Meyn - Redlynch, Qld

Thanks Greg - I look forward to the wizard. Keeps the brain cells active - make 'em harder - I won't mind.
Gerald Marshall - Port Macquarie, NSW

Of all the crossword publications available on the newsagents' shelves yours are far and away the best. Keep it up!
Noel Jenkins - Kallaroo, WA

Last Modified:  1st May 2015

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