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Welcome to the home of World of Crosswords, Crossword Magic, All Giant Crosswords, All Large Crosswords and All Quick Crosswords!

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we specialise in the creation of crossword puzzles. Our aim is to provide high-quality crosswords at the best possible value.

Please note that the release date of World of Crosswords No. 74 has unfortunately been put back to 22nd February 2018.

The mailing date of All Giant Crosswords No. 36, All Large Crosswords No. 36 and All Quick Crosswords No. 36 is now expected to be 28th February 2018.

I offer my sincere apologies for the delays to the magazines.  Iím fully aware that delays are not new, and am happy to refund the unused part of a subscription should you, as a subscriber, wish to do so.  If you wish to do this, please advise me and this will be arranged.  Healthwise, the last nine months of 2017 were very good, then 2018 started off with several poor weeks regrettably.  Again though, Iím back on my feet and into it. 

Please also note that this website has been upgraded to cater for online subscription orders.  If you would like to order a magazine subscription, go to the Subscriptions page.  This follows the closure of The Crossword Shop website after an upgrade by the company which provided the software for that site.  The new interface and functionality was very different to the previous version, and not compatible with what is required.

WORLD of CROSSWORDS, with 86 pages of content, is our original quarterly magazine packed with original crosswords and a variety of other different puzzles.

CROSSWORD MAGIC, with 86 pages of content, is our second quarterly magazine packed with nothing but crosswords.

The quarterly magazines, ALL GIANT CROSSWORDS, ALL LARGE CROSSWORDS and ALL QUICK CROSSWORDS are all available by subscription.

For more details of the above items, and for information on how to acquire back issues, please go to our Magazines page.  All of the above are available by regular mail order at our Subscriptions page.

Greg Parker, Compiler and Publisher


Last Modified:  25th January 2018

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