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Welcome to the home of World of Crosswords, Crossword Magic, All Giant Crosswords, All Large Crosswords and All Quick Crosswords!

Based in Brisbane, Australia, we specialise in the creation of crossword puzzles. Our aim is to provide high-quality crosswords at the best possible value.

Unfortunately my mental state has again conspired to put me out of action for several months.  Many days have seen me utterly nonfunctional while others have seen maybe a half an hour of work.  As Iíve alluded to previously, I feel no shame in discussing the problem because I know its origin was beyond my control.

I know I sound like a broken record, but I am utterly sincere in saying how sorry I am for the delays.

Regrettably itís a vicious circle.  As the magazines fall behind, your (absolutely justified) emails, mail and voice messages arrive and mount up.  As a result, an upset, stressed state of being takes over and I withdraw further, utterly fearful of facing what others have to say.  Over this period Iíve told many subscribers that I will send out some magazines to tide them over, but Iíve only managed to send a handful.  This makes me feel really dreadful.  At other times, it looked certain that a job was going to the printer within a day or two Ė and thatís what Iíve told people Ė yet Iíve only managed to issue one magazine in some four months.

The problem I have is this: do I keep going with the crosswords (something I love doing) in the knowledge that itís possible I could be affected by this abomination (I privately call it much worse than that) in the future, thus again letting down every one of you who has subscribed to the magazines, or do I cease production and say ďEnough is enough. Iím not prepared to let my subscribers down any moreĒ?

Then I think that I may be over the worst of it Ė after all, I feel very good right now Ė and to stop doing the crosswords (after over nineteen years) would deprive you and me of something that we both enjoy, and something that probably does us all good.

So Iíve decided to press on with the knowledge that I fully understand if you, as a subscriber, request a pro rata refund at some point in the future.  With the decision made, Iím absolutely determined for The Puzzle Wizard to thrive into the future.  I canít adequately express my appreciation for your patience and support.

Essentially, the magazines have been put back an average of three months.  The worst affected are the All Giant, All Large and All Quick Crosswords No. 37 which were due out in May.  Here is the updated schedule for the rest of the year:

All Giant Crosswords No. 37  25th October 2018
All Large Crosswords No. 37  25th October 2018
All Quick Crosswords No. 37  25th October 2018
World of Crosswords No. 76  25th October 2018
Crossword Magic No. 53       22nd November 2018
All Giant Crosswords No. 38    14th December 2018
All Large Crosswords No. 38    14th December 2018
All Quick Crosswords No. 38    14th December 2018

Please also note that this website was upgraded some time ago to cater for online subscription orders.  If you would like to order a magazine subscription, go to the Subscriptions page.

WORLD of CROSSWORDS, with 86 pages of content, is our original quarterly magazine packed with original crosswords and a variety of other different puzzles.

CROSSWORD MAGIC, with 86 pages of content, is our second quarterly magazine packed with nothing but crosswords.

The quarterly magazines, ALL GIANT CROSSWORDS, ALL LARGE CROSSWORDS and ALL QUICK CROSSWORDS are all available by subscription.

For more details of the above items, and for information on how to acquire back issues, please go to our Magazines page.  All of the above are available by regular mail order at our Subscriptions page.

Greg Parker, Compiler and Publisher


Last Modified:  16th September 2018

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